Helicopter Filming

Making A Success Out Of Helicopter Filming

When we watch some action films, we might wonder how they were able to get aerial shots of the fight scene. Especially when there is a chase, it sends us goose bumps of how well they were able to get a good video that is very smooth and put every thrill to make the scene come alive.

Thanks to those who give their best to perfect helicopter filming. We only have the slightest idea of the struggles they have been into taking just one scene of the fight scene of our favorite action star. There are a lot of action films that were issued on public.

However, this kind of thing is not impossible for everyone to achieve, especially that there is a flying camera right now which are called drones. Anyone can learn to experiment making movies or just taking personal videos that were shoot from the air.

Especially when we want to be the next Michael Bay, we have to learn a few tricks how we can take perfect videos while in the air. There are a lot of things that we should learn about and we do not have to worry because we can find information through the Internet and straight from the experts.

Even if there are drones in our times today, it would still be a different feel when we are riding a copter while filming the whole thing. Depending on the demands of the project that you are working, we have to make sure everything is in the highest quality possible.

Break Free From The Doors

Of course, it could be a little scary but with safety measures, it is important that you film inside the helicopter with doors open so you can position your camera well and see a better view of what you are capturing. It is important that you discuss it with the pilot and make sure you observe precautionary measures to avoid any accidents and strains during the flight.

It could be beneficial that it is fully opened because the camera lenses would not be capture the real image of the view when there is a glass in front of it. You need some safety equipment to hold you in place and keep you from falling but would not limit you from taking good shots.

Bring an Extra

We might always hear the saying that two is always better than one. So, to avoid any blames and missing some good views, you must bring an extra camera and an extra person to take hold of it. In case, the other would not work out, at least we have some back up and still continue with the work despite the technical problems.

Set the Right Setting Mix

Even if we have the best camera to video everything, it would still be in vain if we do not know how to properly use it. So, before the flight, it is best that you get to know how it works and how you can use the features in its maximum potential. We can experiment with the right settings and the right shutter so we would not find any blur as we land when we check the video.

This kind of filming takes us into a whole lot new level of experience. What we need to is to prepare ahead so we can make the best out of it.