Local SEO Strategy-Creation Of Neighbourhood Pages For Improved Visibility!

As a local business, if your company serves a large number of communities in a metropolitan region, adding neighbourhood pages specific to your business with added personalised information to that part of the suburb or neighbourhood brings in more targeted traffic. Note, when you are creating these pages, the information and data of your business might be the same so ensure you create them as unique as possible so that search engines view them as different web pages to increase the visibility of your business. You may use news, descriptions of the neighbourhood and other geographical terms.

Advantages of neighbourhood pages for local SEO

These neighbourhood pages can also be used as web landing pages and for advertisement offline. If you desire to promote your company in a local newspaper, you can drive visitors to the page you have created for that area to create a better-personalised experience for your readers.

Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews also play a vital role in local SEO strategy. Google, Yahoo and Bing play a pivotal role in local searches. For instance, if someone is looking for a business in your niche in the local area, Google picks up geographical terms in the search conducted and return the results to the people in Google Places.

Using Google Places for local SEO

Creating a page in Google Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local should be a part of your Local SEO strategy. Here, you should build online reviews from customers that are satisfied with your business pages. These online reviews are a major contributor to web businesses in local SEO results.

Simply asking for reviews and pointing people to your Google Places page is a good way to start. Ask your happy customers to write a few good lines- this goes a long way in helping you get brand visibility with success!